The Elements of an Effective Marketing Plan

Writing a Marketing Plan

Whether your business is a start-up or existing, marketing plans are a crucial component to sustained financial success. Careful planning will ensure successful implementation, leading to intended financial results for your organization. This planning begins with the development of a marketing plan.

Before you begin, it is important to establish a completion date for the initial draft, to identify important parties that will contribute ideas for the plan as well as the responsibilities of individuals to implement the plan and the annual marketing budget. Once you have set the stage for writing and completing your plan, you can begin its creation.

Follow these 7 steps when writing a marketing plan:

1. Setting the Objectives– What are your organization’s marketing objectives? What is required to achieve your annual revenue goals? How many customers do you need to acquire? How much revenue should be generated from existing customers? For existing businesses, a beneficial exercise to complete is a S.W.O.T. analysis. Identify your organization’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This analysis will enable you to develop key insights into the drivers of your business and what changes need to occur to reach your annual targets.

2. Research-Conducting market research and market analysis can allow your business to understand where your customers are currently coming from. This information can allow you to set focus areas for new client acquisition as well as up-selling opportunities for your current customer base.

3. Define Strategies-How will your business compete against your competition? What are your target markets? What price offerings will give your business the greatest competitive edge?

4. Develop a promotion plan- Outline which marketing communication tactics are needed to achieve your strategies such as advertising, PR, search engine marketing, events, etc. Choose a few tactics under each strategy to implement.

5. Build Measurements for Each Tactic-Outline how you plan to measure the results achieved for each tactic. How will you track and measure ongoing results? What metrics are crucial for your results to be obtained? I.e. # clients acquired, total sales volume, product mix.

6. Develop a Strategic Plan- Outline step by step the concepts and ideas that are needed to achieve results. Set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, identifying the individuals responsible for each task, as well as which metrics will be achieved and tracked.

7. Implement, Track and Modify the Plan- Now is the most important piece of the marketing plan- implementation. As you implement your marketing plan, be sure to track all results. If you have a team working on the marketing plan, be sure to update them to results experienced by the entire team. As things require attention or modification, be sure to change the plan accordingly.

By following the steps outlined above, you will have created a well thought through marketing plan and have the tracking mechanisms needed to analyze / modify the plan as needs / results change over time.

Fitness Marketing Plan Profit Power

Most personal trainers fail because they simply fail to have a fitness marketing plan. If you are a fitness professional, and do not have a written marketing roadmap to profits, then you are making a big mistake!

The fact is most fitness pros are lost when it comes to the marketing, and sales of their services. Most professionals are never taught about marketing, let alone the importance of creating a well thought out fitness marketing plan. The failure of acquiring this mandatory roadmap leads many personal trainers to mediocre, or below average income. It doesn’t have to be this way! It shouldn’t be this way.

Marketing for fitness is the missing link for most passionate education based personal trainers. If a fitness pro wants to make more money, they should not run out, and get another certification, but, instead, invest time in understanding how to market a fitness business.

After the understanding is gained then it is important to create a well thought out, focused personal trainer sales and marketing roadmap.

The ability to attract new clients from marketing equals greater personal trainer income. However, why create a marketing plan for fitness? Isn’t knowing how to market all you need?

Reasons Why You Must Have A Personal Training Marketing Plan

1. To possess a well thought out action roadmap for acquiring new paying clients.

Instead of just flying by the seat of your pants it is always best to have a winning profit plan to increase your personal training income. Being prepared is much better than not! We write exercise plans (programs) for our clients. Right? Then why wouldn’t we write fitness marketing plans to help us generate more income?

Following a clearly focused roadmap to training riches is the best way to go! Just as in an exercise program you will have a clear, focused direction to follow.

2. You take a close look at how you stack up in relation to your competition.

By planning you will be aware of what is clearly going on in your market. What services do your competitors offer? How are yours better? What can you do that your competitor doesn’t in order to gain market share?

These are just a few of the many questions you will have the opportunity to answer. Without a marketing plan for fitness you probably wouldn’t be thinking about these important questions.

3. Having a written training roadmap makes it real.

If it is written down on paper, and you can see it, then it is real. You are preparing for your success, not just wishing, or hoping. Having a fitness marketing plan will give you extreme focus on what you need to accomplish.

4. Planning keeps you organized, and helps get things done.

Once you have your personal trainer marketing plan you will have action items placed on your calendar. Success is all about a roadmap powered by action. Without action your fitness profit plan will never succeed.

5. Increased risk of personal training business failure by not having a roadmap to riches.

There are many stats showing a marketing plan increases a businesses odds of success. Why not do whatever you can to increase your chance of success?

I can not stress enough how important it is for a personal trainer of any level to have a well thought out, focused fitness marketing plan. Your overall success, and profitability will depend upon it. Do not make the same silly mistake that other trainers make. Plan for your personal trainer success today!

Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Plan

Almost every company that has a product to sell should engage in marketing activities. Marketing is used to communicate and negotiate with potential exchange business clients. Some types of marketing can be aggressive whereas other types are more effective in a subtle approach. When thinking about marketing, it is important to consider if you will need extensive marketing strategies to grow your business.

This is mainly done through a marketing plan. The components of a plan that will involve extensive marketing can include ways to stimulate and communicate to customers what you have for sale, or ways to increase the use of your services. Even non-profit organizations such as a hospital or museum can be found carrying out a marketing strategy and it would all start with a marketing plan. Often the plan of a company is not often will organized or well laid out. By reading it, it is obvious that they have not considered how to extensively market.

Quite a lot of multinational companies have also started to include more information on the demographics that will be targeted within the plan. This helps to concentrate marketing efforts on the right people that the product or service is geared towards. It will also decrease the amount of time spent marketing to the wrong demographics of people.

Ultimately the plan can help you see your target audience might be. This target audience is the customer in the consumer industry or the client in the business industry. The plan is needed to focus the attention on the customers who have previously purchased goods and services in the past, either for their own use or to give away as gifts.

These are the best customers as they might be counted on to make purchases in the future. There are other customers that a marketing plan can be used to target. For example, those a plan can be established for those customers that only purchased once in the past. It is also a very beneficial to think about sending marketing information to those who wanted more details about a product or service but have not purchased since receiving the last information.

Another reason in which a company will need a plan is to highlight the products and services it has available. When it is fully laid out on paper, the company might be able to see areas in which more marketing needs to be unleashed against a particular product. Without having this plan in place, a company can spend a less of its time concentrating marketing efforts on a product that might need more advertising and marketing directed at it. Therefore, anyone who is serious about operating a business should construct a marketing plan.